Guns, buns, & lungs

Our flagship group class. 50 minutes of intense, full-body, and functional strength movements. We cap off every class with a 10-15 minute High Intensity finisher

second wind

A 45 minute all-out cardio burnout. Attack your lungs like a professional athlete. Use the bike, rower, sleds, versaclimber, ski, and even run...all in the same session

power hour

Squat. Bench. Deadlift.

Simple, yet infinitely effective. This class focuses strictly on the barbell, and how to efficiently and safely implement powerlifting protocols with the most keen eye on form and technique

personal training

Train with a qualified personal trainer to reach your specific goals. Work with a coach 1-on-1 or in a semi-private small group of 2-4 people. It's your time and our eyes focus only on you